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  • Gorgeous Game Rooms

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  • Those Beautiful Blues

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  • Laundry Rooms

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  • On The Water

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  • Rustic Room Favs

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  • Exterior Excitement

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    While putting together last week's Featured Faves called "Thinking About Summer: Exceptional Outdoor Spaces" it became evident that designers had uploaded images of lots of exciting exterior views of projects they had worked on. Here is a cross-section of some of those fabulous homes. Enjoy please!
  • The Beauty Of Brick Walls

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  • Seeing Double: Delightful Design

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  • Thinking About Summer: Exceptional Outdoor Spaces

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    What's your next outdoor project? A completely new from the ground up living space? A redo of a current deck or patio? Or perhaps, simply sprucing up an existing space you already love? Not matter how big or small the plan, there's one thing that's essential to any outdoor project--inspiration, lots of inspiration. The designers and landscape artists here at Design Shuffle can help you with that. Please enjoy these ideas for outdoor living:
  • Awesome Doors & Doorways

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    Come see what the interior designers on Design Shuffle have done with beautiful doors and intriguing doorways. From fabulous farmhouse doors to glass beauties, you're sure to find a design to inspire your next project. When is a door not just a door? When it's a stunning unexpected look that enhances to space around, of course. See what that means below: